Terms of Service
Terms of Service
Declaration of Rights and Responsibilities

This Statement of Rights and Responsibilities of FanZone.it governs our relationship with users and anyone who interacts with FanZone.it as well as with all the brands, products and services FanZone.it, hereinafter referred to as "FanZone Services. It "or" Services ". The use or access to FanZone.com Services entails the acceptance of this Declaration and its updates. For FanZone.it, the privacy of users is very important. We have drafted our Privacy Policy to provide you with basic information on how to use FanZone.com to share content with other people and how we collect and use the content and information of people. We invite users to read the Data Policy and to use it to make informed decisions.

Sharing content and information

The user is the owner of all content and information published on FanZone.it and can control how they are shared by privacy settings and application settings. Also: With respect to intellectual property rights such as photos and videos ("PI Content"), you grant us the following permissions, subject to privacy settings and application settings: the user there Provides a non-exclusive, transferable license that can be granted as royalty-free, worldwide royalty-free license, which allows the use of PI Content published on FanZone.it or in connection with FanZone.it ("PI License" ). The PI License Term ends when you delete your account or PI Content contained in your account unless these content has been shared with third parties and that you have not deleted them. When the user deletes them, the PI Content is deleted similarly when emptying the basket of the computer. However, the removed content may be retained as backup copies over a period of time (though not visible to others). When the user publishes content or information using the "Publish" setting, it also allows anyone who is not registered with FanZone.it to access and use that information and to associate it with his / her profile (ie his / her name and To its profile picture). The comments or suggestions of the users on FanZone.com are always welcome. However, you must be aware that we may use it without any obligation to pay you (in the same way that you are not obliged to provide them).


We strive to ensure that FanZone.it is a secure site, but we can not guarantee it. We need users to help safeguard FanZone.it's security, that is, they commit themselves to: do not post unauthorized commercial communications (such as spam) on FanZone.it; Do not collect content or information from users or access other means at FanZone.com using automated tools (such as bots, robots, spiders or scraper) without prior permission from us; Do not undertake illegal multi-level marketing actions, such as pyramid schemes, on FanZone.it; Do not load viruses or other malicious codes; Do not try to get access information or access accounts from other users; Not denigrate, intimidate or annoy other users; Do not publish pornographic, pornographic content with incitement to hatred or violence or with naked or explicit or gratuitous images; Do not develop or manage third-party applications with alcohol content, dating services, or any adult audience (including advertisements) without mentioning age restrictions; Do not use FanZone.it for illegal, misleading, malicious or discriminatory purposes; Do not undertake actions that may prevent, overburden or compromise the proper functioning or appearance of FanZone.it; Do not encourage or encourage the ineligibility of this Declaration or our regulations.

Account Registration and Security

FanZone.com users provide their real name and real information and we invite everyone to do the same. Regarding the registration and in order to guarantee the security of your account, you agree to: do not provide false personal information on FanZone.it or create an account on behalf of another person without authorization; Do not create more than three personal accounts; Do not create another account without our permission, if the original account is disabled; Do not use your personal diary mainly to get commercial profits, but instead use the "Organization / Company" profile for that purpose; Do not use FanZone.it if you are not 13 years old; Do not use FanZone.