What is FanZone? We'd say that's your best webmate.

FanZone.it is a very young project and operates on the Web with a strong and steady growth trend Born in August 2017 as an initiative of a group of friends developed by Fabio and Luciano Cammisa and Serena Bonanno, today FanZone.it is a young and dynamic social web that challenges a diversified and competitive market as the current scenario Of social networks.

Thanks to the dedication and passion that our team is launching every day and thanks to the platform of our simple and intuitive web site, anyone can use all the functions of FanZone.it in an instant and simple way and even if it was not so, Can ask for support from our team FanZone.it is a social network, and as such has its social functions. But Fanzone.it is a revolutionary social that has many benefits. First of all, simplicity. FanZone.it's goal is to make social use easy. Second, the speed of uploading the site, the latter factor extremely important.

With FanZone.com everything is possible. For example you can:
  • add friends  
  • Add photos and create unlimited albums  
  • post and find friends  
  • add events  
  • Create a personal profile and a business or organization  
  • create groups  
  • upload storage files  
  • sell products directly online And much, much more.

    Our goal is to provide users with a social network that is simple, fast and complete! It is no coincidence that our MISSION is to offer you a simple and fast social so you can have more time to fulfill your wishes!
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Mail: info@fanzone.it